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We file for your trucking authority for free to get you your MC number and USDOT number. We help you in this process to make sure you avoid any costly mistakes and get you on the road hauling freight as soon as possible.

We understand what it takes for truck drivers to get their trucking company started which is why we are here to walk you through the process. From getting your operation authority for the FMCSA to making sure you have coverage with an insurance company, we are here to help. 

We work with experienced company drivers looking to get on their own operating authority and completely new owner operators in the trucking industry. Whether you plan to run intrastate or interstate commerce with your commercial vehicle, we know the type of authority you will need.



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How To Get Your Trucking Authority

Without an active MC authority you cannot operate a trucking company. Whether you will be running intrastate commerce or interstate commerce and crossing state lines, you must have an active MC number filed with the FMCSA to operate your trucking business legally.

Register your trucking company with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Decide on your business entity (Limited Liability Company or Sole Proprietorship) and then register your business in the state where you plan to operate from. Depending if you form a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company, there are different forms you will need to fill out.

Get your EIN

If you form a limited liability company the IRS will issue you an EIN automatically. If you form a sole proprietorship, it is not mandatory to have an EIN but it is definitely recommended, otherwise you would operate your trucking company with your personal social security number.

Register with the United State Department of Transportation

All trucking companies must register with the United States Department of Transportation to get their DOT number. A USDOT number is your trucking company's ID number and is where you can access all your information including vehicle information, cargo, safety and compliance information. 

Apply for your MC number

We do this for you for free. You must have an active mc number to haul freight and run a trucking company. You get your MC number immediately once you apply, but it isn't active right away. You must complete your BOC-3 and get an insurance policy filed with the FMCSA first. Two to three weeks after you have filed these with the FMCSA, your MC number will become active and you can start your trucking company. 

File a BOC-3 and get an insurance policy

A BOC-3 represents that you have a designated process agent in each state that can served legal paperwork on your behalf. You must have an insurance policy in place for your trucking company in order to operate business. Both are required by the FMCSA. 

Create an International Fuel Tax Agreement account

You must complete an IFTA report at the end of each quarter, list all miles you've traveled in participating jurisdictions, and all fuel purchases you've made. This is another requirement by the FMCSA.

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